Other Activities

  • Cawood Fairy Trail

    Saturday 28th to Monday 30th August 2021

    Cawood Fairy Trail is a free annual community event held every August Bank Holiday weekend in Cawood. Use the special map to uncover the hiding places of many Fairies and their homes in the gardens throughout the village.

  • Young Musicians' Open Jam Session

    Young Musicians' Open Jam Session

    As part of Cawoodstock, we thought it would be great to encourage talented and keen young Cawoodian musicians to get involved in a jam session. If you haven’t been to a jamming session before, it’s a fun meetup to play music with other musicians in a local cafe. Think of it like a big singalong but with instruments as well as singing!

    We want young musicians of ANY age to come along and play music with us. Bring your instruments, your lyric sheets (and a parent/guardian for the younger players). We’ll have other musicians there, of all different levels of experience - including some from local bands - to help players and singers sound great. You could: sing a pop song with a real band backing, play along with others, learn a blues jam, or anything else you like! It’ll be friendly and nobody will feel ‘on the spot’ to play. Anybody can join in with any song and we’ll all have fun and be better musicians!