Getting Here


The 42 service to Selby and York run through Cawood regularly, also passing through several other villages such as Riccall and Wistow. 42 Bus Timetable:


Cawood is a bike-friendly village and there are plenty of places to park and lock bikes. Cawoodstock venues will endeavour to help with safe places to park bikes if you ask them nicely :-)


Walking: We hope lots of Cawood residents will want to attend, so of course if you live within the village please walk to the venues as this minimises traffic and parking issues, and it's good for you!

Cawood is also fairly easily walkable from our nearest neighbour villages Ryther, Kelfield, Biggin, Wistow and Stillingfleet - the walk takes under an hour and if you check the maps you can often find quiet, low car-traffic routes such as this 'back roads' route from Wistow to Cawood


Flyer Private Hire (07851 144249) are a local taxi company who are aware of Cawoodstock and are ready to take bookings for your Cawoodstock transport needs. Why not club together with friends and get a minibus?

There are also many other local taxi companies - here's a Google Maps search which will show you all the taxi companies in the area so you can choose your nearest or preferred company


PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED IN CAWOOD! - Cawood is a small, compact village and parking within the village is extremely limited. Please try to minimise cars within the village by car-sharing or using taxis / lifts / drop-offs rather than parking in the village. We cannot guarantee a parking space for everyone, and cars parked illegally or causing an obstruction will not be tolerated.