Welcome to Cawoodstock 2022!

Friday 26th August to Sunday 28th August 2022

This year's Cawoodstock is a little smaller than 2018 and 2019 as we have only just come out of social distancing restrictions. Despite this we still have 3+ full days worth of music and more is being added all the time as people get their last-minute mojo!

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For Charities and local good causes

Cawoodstock raises money for good causes and charities to make our local area better for everyone. Charities can place fundraising buckets in our venues, and the venues may choose to collect for a specific charity as well.

Volunteer organised

Organised by a small team of volunteers, and by the music venues themselves, for a truly homebrew festival feel. No big money interests spoiling your festival, no advertising, no commercial mega-corps. Just people enjoying music.

Cawood has no parking!

Cawood is a small, ancient village with extremely limited parking. PLEASE try to use public transport, cycles, taxis, walking or any other mode of transport than car. If you must drive - SHARE A CAR - and park sensibly.


This is the third year of Cawoodstock (we're not counting 2020!), we'd love people to get involved to make it better, and also we welcome your views. Comment on our Facebook group, come to the meetings, and join in!